EVA Pharma Highlights Commitment to Improving Access to NCD Medicines at the 76th WHA Side Event on Role of Local Manufacturing

22 May, 2023

EVA Pharma Highlights Commitment to Improving Access to NCD Medicines at the 76th WHA Side Event on Role of Local Manufacturing

22 May, 2023

  CAIRO – May 22, 2023 -- EVA Pharma participated in the 76th World Health Assembly (WHA) side event on the role of local manufacturing in improving access to noncommunicable disease (NCD) medicines. The event, held on May 22nd in Geneva, served as an influential platform to address the paramount issues surrounding medication accessibility. Among the pivotal points emphasized during the panel discussion was the urgent need for streamlining registration processes and implementing harmonized medicines registration systems to minimize delays and ensure swift access to life-saving medications for those in need.   The panel discussion addressed the escalating burden of diabetes mellitus (DM) in Africa, where 24 million adults are currently living with DM according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). With projections estimating that 55 million people in Africa will have diabetes by 2045, the region is facing the largest increase in diabetes rates globally, as highlighted by the World Health Organization (WHO). Access to affordable insulin remains a key barrier to successful treatment, resulting in unnecessary complications and premature deaths. In response to this critical issue, EVA Pharma started a collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company in December 2022 to expand sustainable access to high-quality, affordable human and analogue insulin and reach annually at least one million people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes in 56 low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), most of which are in Africa.    “We strive to save and improve millions of lives by offering accessible, high-value medicines and healthcare solutions that address local patients’ needs”, emphasized Dr. Riad Armanious, CEO of EVA Pharma. “By joining forces of all health advocates and taking synergistic actions we can implement real change. When we enhance regional manufacturing capabilities, we ensure that high-quality medicine reaches the patients who need it the most.”     The panel also featured esteemed panelists such as Dr. Bente Mikkelsen, Director of the NCD Programme at the World Health Organization (WHO), Ms. Loren Becker, Senior Director of Global Health Policy at Eli Lilly and Company, Dr. Rogerio Gaspar, Director of the Regulation and Prequalification Department at WHO, and Dr. Jean Kaseya, Director General of the Africa CDC.   Keynote speakers at the event included H.E. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, the Minister of Health and Population of Egypt, and Loyce Pace, Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Global Affairs of the United States.   EVA Pharma's participation in this WHA side event demonstrates its commitment to improving access to NCD medicines and its proactive role in fostering partnerships to address healthcare challenges in Africa. The company's dedication to meeting the needs of local communities aligns with the global effort to enhance healthcare systems and ensure that life-saving treatments reach all who require them.   About EVA Pharma EVA Pharma empowers the fight for health and well-being in communities around the world. With a 5,000-strong team of professionals, the company produces more than one million healthcare products a day at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology, are internationally recognized for innovation, and have been approved by multiple regulatory agencies. The company’s product portfolio focuses on pressing, yet unmet, disease areas, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, oncology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, anti-infectives, bone and pain, hepatology, and reproductive health, to meet both local and international demand. EVA Pharma is one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in the Middle East and Africa, with an extensive pan-African presence, while operating in more than 40 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit: www.evapharma.com & https://www.evapharma.com/newsroom or follow us on LinkedIn     Media Contact:  Ahmed Ellewa | Public Relations Head | [email protected] | +20-1000-053-643  

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